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After Coating Care Instructions

After Coating Care Instructions

Congratulations on your new ceramic coating!

Our ceramic coating is designed to protect your factory clear coat, provide a protective shield against the elements, minimize heavy cleaning, and keep your vehicle looking as good as possible! To ensure your investment is long lasting, a few basic maintenance steps should be taken. We will outline those steps on this page.

Once again, congratulations on your new ceramic coating! Here at Ceramic King Coatings, we take pride in doing an amazing job for our customers. We hope we have been able to go above and beyond your expectations of your vehicle’s finished result! Thank you for choosing Ceramic King Coatings to take care of your vehicle!             

1. Curing Process

The curing process lasts for 7 days. Please be sure to pay special attention during this time. Avoid soap and chemicals for this first week.

2. Maintenance 

A routine maintenance wash is recommended every 2-4 weeks after the curing process.

3. Annual Care

A PH neutral iron remover is recommended once a year to remove any contaminants.

Hydrophobic Properties 

Your coating will allow water to bead up instantly, making washing a breeze.

Bug Splatter and Bird Dropping Protection 

Ceramic coatings offer protection to your paint from acidic droppings. 

But if you want something safe to use on your new ceramic coated vehicle. You

can use this. CLICK HERE for BUG!

No Waxing EVER

Ceramic coatings are designed to keep your vehicle looking freshly waxed all year round!

Basic Care For a Full 365 Days 

Follow this link for a detailed look at how to best preserve your ceramic coating: 

A few important things to remember while driving your newly coated vehicle is first, avoid parking near sprinklers. Most sprinklers have hard water and will leave water spots on your coating if left to dry, especially in the hot sun.

 Second, please never use automatic car washes. Automated washes use brushes that may have stuck on dirt and rocks from previous cars that could scratch and damage your coating! 

Lastly, when washing your vehicle be sure to use PH neutral soap, a soft washing mitt and a microfiber drying towel. These products are less likely to scratch or damage your coating.

“The best protection you can offer for your vehicle, hands down.” 

Stuck on what kind of products to buy for your coating? Not sure of reputable brands that won’t harm your vehicle while also presenting a decent price point? Not to worry, here are some of Ceramic King Coating’s favorite products for ceramic coating after care. Click the link to purchase or learn more about the products! 

Car Wash Soap: 

Meguiar’s Shampoo Plus, 1 Gallon ……… 

The Wax Shop Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash 

Waterless Washing:

Edgeless Towel  (Waterless Wash Towel)

CKC Force Field Quick Detailer:



General Supplies: 

Twist N’ Shout Microfiber Drying Towel 

Ultra Wash Mitt …………………………. 

Ultra Wash Pad …………………………… 

Grit Guard Bucket Insert ……………………..  

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